Moving Forward

Great news. We recently secured space in the Edison Park neighborhood for our first store location. Renovations are underway and we hope to be open by Thanksgiving. Thanks to all that have provided support to get us this far. Stay tuned for more updates.

Cassette Revival

It’s true. The cassette tape format is gaining in popularity once again. More than any other format, the cassette tape format brings back fond memories of my youth. The ability to record the music you wanted and take it with you in your car or to a party was priceless. Key your eyes out for new or used tapes as they are in demand. Take a look at the link below for a very well-done history of this format.

Cassette Revival

The Who – Remastered

Just last week Jerry and I were having a few adult beverages and listening to a few of the latest CDs that we picked up as we add to our inventory. In the pile was the 1971 release of Who’s Next by The Who. It turns out this was the 1995 remastered version MCAD11269. Included in this version are 7 additional bonus tracks that we supposed to be part of a double album concept called Lifehouse that was never realized.

We listened to the CD front to back and I was blown away by the clarity of the recording as well as the stereo separation that was clearly evident on the remastered version. I am not a fanatical The Who fan but this record rocks and is my favorite album by this band. Jerry expressed his opinion that this version was exceptional and stands above his original vinyl pressing. See the link below from the official The Who website with more details of this epic album from this hall of fame band.

Who’s Next

Hazy Concert Flashback – Slayer

November 11, 1988, Chicago – Set at the iconic Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, Slayer raised the roof this night in support of the release of its latest album South of Heaven. Supported by Motorhead and Overkill, this was a show for the ages and I was there. Along with the crew of delinquents from the neighborhood, we made the pilgrimage to see one of the most influential bands of our youth. Favorite memory – Lemme walking past me with his bass on the way to the stage and $8 buckets of beer! See the link below for the setlist from the show. Seeing the setlist after these many years reminds me of the rendition of Chemical Warfare that I will never forget.

Set List – Slayer November 11, 1988 Aragon Ballroom Chicago